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best teeth whitening products

What Are The Best Teeth Whitening Products?

People say that eyes are the window to the soul, but a smile is a window to the heart. People can have a bright smile, a dazzling smile, and even an infectious smile, but nobody wants a yellow smile. Whether you are preparing for a vacation, a wedding, or just ready to look your best coming out of quarantine, a dazzling smile will always make you look your best. Oddly enough, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to teeth whitening. That is why you should always ask your dentist, like those at Eriks Dental Group, about the best teeth whitening products. Here, our experts explain everything you need to know!

Teeth Whitening Basics

While several teeth whitening options are available on the market today, not all of them are effective, and some can be unsafe. Yellow will never be the new white, but the safest way to return your teeth to their gorgeous natural color is always to contact your dentist about the best products. From toothpaste to in-office services, the professionals at Eriks Dental Group are certain to recommend the best procedure for you and your family. One of the largest factors is what sort of stains your teeth are suffering from. They include:

  • Extrinsic Stains: These are surface stains one acquires from consuming things like coffee, soda, tea, or wine. Most people will suffer from these issues, but they are relatively easy to treat.
  • Intrinsic Stains: These are deeper stains one acquires from aging, exposure to minerals such as fluoride, and smoking. They often require more treatments to whiten.

Types Of Teeth Whitening Products

We have all seen the over the counter and ready-to-order products that guarantee brighter teeth in just a few days. Sadly, that is hardly ever the case. By consulting your dentist, they will determine the types of stains you have and offer the best solution. The most trusted whitening agents Eriks Dental Group offers include:

One-Hour Whitening

If you need results fast, you may want to consider in-office one-hour teeth whitening. One of the biggest benefits of professional whitening is that the dentist knows exactly what they are doing, meaning you will receive reliable treatments with thorough results! Your first step to a brighter smile is to consult with your dentist to guarantee you are a match for the treatment. At Eriks Dental Group, we use Zoom® and Brite Smile®. After applying either product to your teeth, we use a high-powered light to expedite the process. To keep you smiling, our office also provides you with whitening trays to use at home.

At-Home Trays

For those who would like to see results in around two weeks, you may want to consider using at-home trays. Much like the one-hour teeth whitening process, you must first consult with your dentist to see if you are a good candidate. Eriks Dental Group then creates custom trays designed especially for your teeth. At home, you will apply a whitening gel directly to the tray and wear it for two hours daily. This process allows you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home!

Whitening Strips

For those looking for the most budget-friendly option, you may want to consider teeth whitening strips that can be found at any pharmacy or drugstore. One of the biggest benefits of these strips is that there are several brands available. Unlike the one-hour process or at-home trays, whitening strips are not custom fit to your teeth and provide much slower results.

Teeth Whitening In Boynton Beach

At Eriks Dental Group, we pride ourselves on providing five-star service to the Boynton Beach area! With so many dentists in the area, it can be difficult to find one who can serve all the needs of your family.

Eriks Dental Group provides a wide array of services. Our friendly dentists and staff are here for you! If you have any questions about teeth whitening or are ready to smile brighter, request a dentist appointment online or call us at (561)-733-4004 today!