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dental filling

Choosing The Right Type Of Dental Filling

Dental fillings are used to help restore a tooth to its natural state and health. The most common reason for the breakdown of a tooth’s structure from harmful bacteria is a cavity, also known as tooth decay.

During a dental exam at our Boynton Beach dental office, Dr. Ty Eriks, DMD, will evaluate a patient’s teeth and recommend fillings for teeth. For more severe damage, a root canal may be recommended instead. He can explain the different dental filling types to help you make an informed decision when choosing your dental filling.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can be made of many materials. The types of dental fillings we use in our dental office include:

  • Composite or white fillings: Made of a tooth-colored material composite resin, they are used to be undetected in the mouth. We work diligently to perfectly match the shade of a patient’s enamel, which creates restorative results while looking natural.
  • Silver or amalgam fillings: This silver-colored material is a stronger material than that of composite fillings and is often used on back teeth to help them regain strength and to last long.

Signs You May Need a Filling

There are some symptoms that may occur when you need a filling and you should schedule a dental exam as soon as possible, including:

  • Toothache
  • Dark spots on teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Hole in or on the tooth
  • Broken or cracked tooth

Never ignore anything that may seem less than the norm, as it can lead to further pain or deterioration of the tooth and even sometimes the teeth around it.

Does It Hurt To Get A Filling?

Dr. Eriks gives you local anesthesia before the process begins. You should not feel anything at all besides some pressure in some instances. Our family dentistry dental practice prides itself on ensuring every patient feels comfortable during their experience.

Expectations After Getting A Filling

It’s common to experience sensitivity to air or too hot or cold temperatures for a few weeks after getting a filling. We recommend avoiding eating overly hot or cold foods and trying to chew on the other side of the mouth if you can. If your sensitivity doesn’t go away after two weeks, please contact our office, as there are times that a filling may have a small opening that may need to be built up for proper sealing.

Does My Filling Need To Be Replaced?

There are many reasons why a filling may need to be replaced, usually because of wear and tear. When a filling cracks or separates slightly from a tooth, bacteria and food particles can become trapped inside the tooth. By replacing old fillings, you can help prevent this new decay from forming. The two common symptoms of a filling that needs to be replaced are pain and tooth sensitivity.

Learn How To Prevent Tooth Decay With A Boynton Beach Dentist

At Eriks Dental Group, we believe in preventive dentistry that helps to make sure that all of our patients experience optimal oral health. Our professional dental team can give you custom recommendations for your dental needs during a dental exam.

Never delay scheduling a dental exam, as dental issues can lead to systemic health problems when left untreated. When found early on, it’s easier to treat tooth decay with dental fillings rather than a root canal or other more invasive dental procedure. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Eriks, call our office at 561-733-4004 today or request an appointment online.