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Dental Implants - Boynton Beach, FL

Dental implants might be a solution for you if you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or have support Dentures. We offer a complete range of dental implant services from replacing a single tooth to all of your teeth in both your jaws. 

Single Tooth Implants
Multi-Teeth Implants
Non-removable Implant Dentures
Fixed Implant Dentures
Hybrid Prosthesis

These are also all great options and alternatives for patients who might require a full set of dentures and an extremely popular option for people missing most or all of their teeth.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Eriks today to see if these options are a good fit for you and your smile.

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Fixed implant dentures are a popular solution for missing teeth and usually a great alternative to traditional removable dentures. There are numerous causes for missing teeth, including gum disease and other dental complications, but implant dentures can help bring back your smile. Before fixed implant technology was invented and refined, patients relied on removable dentures held in by suction or, in more serious cases, special adhesives. We would hear complaints of disappointment and pain. Now, we can attach Zirconium or Titanium prosthetic dentures to dental implants to create a more secure, comfortable and functional smile.

  • The enhanced ability to talk, bite, and chew with full functionality
  • Contour and feel of fixed implant dentures (all-on-4 or all-on-6) is more similar to natural teeth
  • Less self-consciousness and anxiety compared to missing teeth and other denture options
  • They are screwed in and secured in place allowing for better strength and functionality

Our experience and state-of-the-art technology allow us to help most patients get fixed dentures all in one appointment. Usually in just one visit, we remove existing teeth and place all implants and fixed temporary teeth. After years of suffering from missing, painful or ugly teeth, our patients are overjoyed with the transformation when they smile in the mirror for the first time after the appointment.

After the procedure is complete, dental implants usually require a month of healing before we can place the permanent zirconium or titanium teeth. The temporary teeth we placed during your first visit will be used as a guide for the permanent teeth. During that month of healing, we’ll be able to see how your mouth and bite adjust to having the new teeth and we can make adjustments and fine-tune (if needed) the new permanent teeth prior to final placement.

Because fixed dentures are usually a permanent solution, a lot of time, energy and focus is needed to create the perfect permanent smile. Costs can vary slightly depending on implant type and type of material used so please contact us to set up a consultation to discuss the options and costs.


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Jacquelyn E.
Jacquelyn E.
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This place is the BEST of the BEST! Dr Erik and his team are amazing. They are knowledgeable, professionals and caring. They go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. It’s like a tight knit family and they welcome you in with open arms. You will not be disappointed in this place.
Nichol O.
Nichol O.
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Going to the office for me is like going to see family. I have been seeing Dr. Jeffrey Lissauer for over 16 years and every visit is a great experience. I started seeing Jeffrey in my early teens and since then I have lived all around the country. I try to make it in every time I am home in South Florida for a check up. Erica is always welcoming with warm smile and every technician I have seen is friendly, through, quick and pain free! Dr. Lissauer is an extremely talented dentist and he and his team has kept my pearly whites in excellent care. I am grateful for their honesty, aptitude and professionalism. I also enjoy the TV screens and headphones, as they are always a nice distraction from the noise! Thanks for being the BEST!
Richie Z.
Richie Z.
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After being away from the dentist for an embarrassingly long time, I was scared I really had something bad going on. I am so glad I went to Dr. Eriks!.. Dr. Eriks and his staff were funny and friendly and made the whole experience wonderful. I have left there smiling every time! If you’re looking for someone, check out this clean, fun, family environment! I’m so glad I did! Thank you Eriks Dental Group!
Pam L.
Pam L.
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You cannot find a more professional and nice staff and dentist anywhere in Palm Beach County. I have lived in South Florida for 22 years and I have been to several dentists in the area. I can say with confidence that I have finally found the best dentist and staff. You won't be disappointed. They will work with you to get you into the office as soon as possible. I leave there with a smile every time. I can finally say that I don't mind going to the dentist. Thanks Erika, staff, and Dr Eriks.
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