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If you want a brighter smile, teeth whitening is an amazing option. With the advances in teeth whitening, you can now whiten predictably, safely, and in only an hour. Teeth whitening removes stains from wine, coffee, soda, tobacco, and routine wear and tear. A liquid gel is used that reacts with your teeth, decreasing or even eliminating the discolorations that have accumulated over years.

Below, you will see that we answer many of the most frequent questions about tooth whitening. We compare the different methods (Zoom®, Brite Smile®, Crest Whitestrips®, Gels…) and discuss the side effects. We also explain how to keep your teeth white afterwards, what to do if your teeth are sensitive, and much more. We spent a significant amount of time writing these articles, and we hope you enjoy them!

teeth whitening in boynton beach

You have a few options when whitening your teeth, all with different pros and cons:

One-hour teeth whitening in a dental professional’s office:

Your dental professional will first make sure you are a good candidate for tooth whitening. Then, you can whiten your teeth in the dental office in an hour using Zoom® or Brite Smile®. They are similar tooth whitening methods; both use a liquid gel applied to your teeth and a high-powered light to quicken the process for immediate results. At the end, you are also provided with trays (discussed in detail below) that allow you to periodically whiten your teeth at home.
Pros of Zoom® and Brite Smile®:
  • Fastest way to whiten your teeth
  • Predictable results
  • A dental professional will be with you every step of the way
Cons of Zoom® and Brite Smile®:
  • More costly typically
Whiten your teeth using ​at-home  trays:
You can whiten your teeth at home by wearing plastic trays that precisely fit your teeth. Your dentist will first make sure you are a good candidate for tooth whitening. Then, custom plastic trays will be made for you that snugly fit over your teeth. You will brush a liquid gel inside the tray and then wear the tray for around two hours a day. In around two weeks, your smile will look brighter and whiter.


Pros of at-home trays:
  • Whiten your teeth predictably and accurately
  • Trays precisely fit over your teeth, so your teeth will whiten evenly
  • A dental professional will make the trays for you, instruct you on using them, and monitor the results
Cons of at-home trays:
  • Slower than one hour tooth whitening done in a dental office

 Whitening strips bought in the drugstore:

You can buy whitening strips (like Crest Whitestrips®) in the drugstore and wear them for around an hour a day for a few weeks. They are one-size-fits-all. Thus, they don’t perfectly fit your teeth, but they do slowly work.
Pros of whitening strips:
  • Relatively inexpensive, but they do work
Cons of whitening strips:
  • Take a longer time (weeks) for whitening to occur
  • They don’t precisely fit your teeth
  • You still should consult with your dentist to ensure you are a good candidate
So, you would like to whiten your teeth, but you aren’t sure if you should. If you drink coffee or soda, smoke, drink wine or eat certain type of foods, the answer is yes!
On the other hand, tooth whitening can be ineffective in certain situations like:
  • Discolored Dental Work – Fillings, veneers, crows, bridges and partial dentures.
  • If you have Stains from tetracycline – If you took tetracycline antibiotics when you were young, your teeth may actually be stained from the medication. Tooth whitening barely works on these discolorations, but results may be achieved using some long-term special whitening products.
  • Teeth that have had a root canal – A tooth that had a root canal may discolor and become dark over time. After a root canal, the tooth will need a crown, not only to for whitening purposes but also to protect the tooth from fracturing.
  • If you’re too young – Under 16 year olds should not have teeth whitening.
  • If you’re pregnant or lactating – Pregnant and lactating women should also not have teeth whitening.
Although the results vary, your smile should become brighter and your teeth should whiten a few shades if you are a good candidate. Your cosmetic dentist will tell you if whitening is right for you and can typically predict your results within a range. Visiting your dentist before whitening your teeth, even if you opt for a product sold at a store, is highly recommended.
First, your dentist will make sure that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening and explain the procedure.
To maximize the results, your teeth should to be as clean as possible. Thus, most dentists highly advise a professional teeth cleaning by your hygienist immediately prior.
The two most popular companies that specialize in tooth whitening done in dental offices are Zoom® and Brite Smile®. The two companies yield similar results, and the procedures are similar and quite simple.
After the cleaning, a liquid gel will be placed on your teeth, and a specially designed light will be used to quicken the whitening process. People often mistakenly refer to this as laser teeth whitening, but a laser is not actually used.
The whitening will take about an hour. You can relax, watch TV, or listen to music throughout the whole process.
At the end, your dentist will make you custom trays that precisely fit your teeth. You will take these trays with you, as well as extra whitening solution, in case you wish to periodically whiten your teeth at home.
If you have spent time and money whitening your teeth, you need to maintain the results. The best way is to avoid the following, especially for the first three weeks after whitening: red wine, soda, tobacco, coffee, some teas and other colored beverages.
If you drink soda, coffee, or red wine very often, you will probably want to whiten every couple years to maintain results. Also, if you smoke or use chewing tobacco, whitening may be needed more often.
If you avoid these staining substances, your brighter smile will last much longer. If you need to “touch up” your whitening, you can visit your dentist for in-office whitening (like Zoom!® or Brite Smile®), use custom trays at home, or purchase whitening gel strips like Crest Whitestrips®.
Tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect of whitening. The sensitivity is temporary and typically is gone a day after the whitening treatment is completed. Some patients may experience sensitivity for a few days after. However, there are numerous techniques you can use to reduce sensitivity:
  • Use a desensitizing toothpaste (like Sensodyne®) for the two weeks leading up to whitening and while you whiten.
  • Your hygienist can apply a professional desensitizer (like Gluma®) at your teeth cleaning prior to whitening.

AFTER you whiten your teeth:

  • Continue to use a desensitizing toothpaste (like Sensodyne®) after whitening
  • Your dentist can give you desensitizing solution to put in trays that are custom fit to snugly cover your teeth.
  • Your dentist can apply a high-strength liquid desensitizer to your teeth in the dental office.
Teeth whitening has advanced drastically over the last decade, and a lot of research has been devoted to the field. Current research does not indicate that teeth whitening weakens your teeth or damages the enamel.
Research has shown that the main drawback is temporary tooth sensitivity. After teeth whitening, some people are sensitive to cold air and cold liquids for a transient period of time. The average is a few days.
Another side effect of whitening is gum irritation. Your gums may be irritated by the solution used to whiten your teeth, but this should also go away in a few days on its own.

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