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Teeth Whitening

Get Your Teeth Whitened For Valentine’s Day

Are you frustrated by yellowed teeth ruining an otherwise beautiful smile? Looking for a way to undo years of discoloration from drinking coffee or from smoking? If so, teeth whitening may be an option to consider. With so many technological advancements to safely whiten and brighten teeth, there is sure to be one that fits within your budget.

Some of these can be purchased at grocery and home goods stores but won’t last if professional teeth whitening services. Read on to learn more about how teeth whitening is done at Eriks Dental Group, and why it’s a good idea to treat yourself to this procedure this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The Ideal Candidates For Teeth Whitening

Anyone whose teeth are in good health, but drink enough soda, coffee, or wine to experience some discoloration, is eligible for teeth whitening. The only conditions in which this procedure is not advised are the following:

  • Discolored veneers, bridges, or dentures. These need to be cleaned in a different way to restore their original condition.
  • Discolored teeth, because of medication, may require more long-term whitening products or procedures.
  • Discolored teeth with root canals may require a crown rather than whitening.
  • Anyone under the age of sixteen
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing

Your dentist can tell you whether you are able to whiten your teeth safely based on your dental history. Your results from whitening can be predicted to a degree depending on which dental issues you have had in the past.

What To Expect From Teeth Whitening Procedures

Your dentist will first examine your teeth to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. That means that your teeth and gums are in general good health and have recently been professionally cleaned. You may want to schedule your routine cleaning with a dental hygienist shortly before you have a whitening procedure.

Once your teeth have been deemed clean and healthy enough for whitening, your dentist will use a special gel to coat your teeth, which will be dried with a specially designed light (contrary to popular opinion, it is not a laser light). The process takes about an hour, during which you are free to relax by watching TV or listening to music.

The Effects Of Whitening On Tooth Sensitivity

Patients with tooth sensitivity may be curious about how they’ll respond to whitening procedures. It’s common to experience increased sensitivity for a day or two after the procedure is complete, while others may experience it longer. This effect can be lessened by using a desensitizing toothpaste both before and after the whitening procedure. You can also ask your dentist to use a professional desensitizing solution before the whitening procedure begins.

Teeth Whitening And More In South Florida

Looking to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day? With proper ongoing care, teeth whitening is a gift that will last long into spring: longer than a box of chocolate or flowers!

Whether you’re in need of teeth whitening, or other dental services, Eriks Dental Group is your go-to place for the entire family. Our specialists are equipped to help patients who are just starting to grow their first teeth to those who are getting fitted for dentures.

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