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Halloween Survival Guide From Your Boynton Beach Dentist

Candy is not a dentist’s best friend by any means, but we know that each year, come Halloween, having a little fun doesn’t have to hurt. As long as you keep it as safe as possible for your molars. As your trusted Boynton Beach dentist, we’re sharing some helpful ways to reduce the risk of cavities during Halloween.

1. Choose Tooth-Friendly Treats

It’s possible to buy sugar-free or low-sugar sweets from stores, but here are some other favorites to think about:

  • Different types of fruits are super sweet as well as being healthy. The highest-sugar fruits are watermelon and pineapple. You could get creative by making them into fun Halloween-themed morsels by using decorative google eyes, and other things.
  • Make your frozen smoothie pop with Greek yogurt, a touch of honey, and real fruit.
  • Dark chocolate is always a much better alternative to candy and caramel treats. Dip fruit into melted dark chocolate, or buy some ready-packed dark chocolate treats.
  • There are loads of healthy and delicious recipes on social media and on Pinterest. Find some sugar-free or low-sugar versions of your favorite pies, desserts, and treats. You might be surprised what you can find when you have a look.

2. Avoid Letting Kids Keep A Stash Of Candy

Here’s a tip for the parents. When kids keep a stash of candy, you have no control over how much they eat during Halloween or for the rest of the month. Kids must share their candy with others after the trick-or-treating trip so that you can monitor how much those small bellies are taking in.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

A clean mouth is a happy mouth. When consuming lots of candy, be sure to have a bottle of water nearby to wash some of the sugars away from your teeth and mouth area. Cavities start to form when sugary substances sit on teeth for longer periods. This is why as a Dentist, we always talk about the importance of brushing our teeth twice per day. When food sits, it starts to build up the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Drinking water is a safe way to eliminate some of that unwanted bacteria build-up to keep your teeth clean and clear.

4. Be Consistent With Brushing And Flossing

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is about more than just being a little strategic during the holiday season. Brushing and flossing is an all-year-long prevention method that will promote healthy dental habits for your little ones as they grow into adults. Regular checkups at your favorite, local Boynton Beach Dentist are an important event to add to your annual family calendar.

At Erik’s Dental Group, we help keep the family’s dental health stress-free in the following ways:

  • Regular, thorough cleaning and dental examinations
  • Easing dental anxiety through regular checks
  • Maintaining healthy teeth and gums for long-term dental health
  • Identifying any issues ahead of time
  • Teaches healthy dental habits that are sustainable for everyone

5. Set Limits On Candy

If you can, try to avoid the ‘all-day-snacking’ fiasco. Set some time aside for kids to enjoy their candy and treats so that you can ensure they drink enough water, eat some real food, and keep their teeth clean too. Candy limits are not a bad thing; it makes it that much more enjoyable when they do eat their treats – nothing beats a little healthy anticipation and excitement.

6. Save Candy For After Meals

This is a genius idea for parents because once children have eaten their usual meal time, you can guarantee that they’ve got some veggies in, and they will have less space in their bellies to consume too many sweets! It’s a win-win – parents get to moderate candy consumption, and children get to learn the discipline of waiting before enjoying a treat.

7. Try To Avoid Sticky, Hard Or Sour Candy

Not all candy is created equal, and unfortunately, some can do more harm to your teeth and gums than others. If possible, try to avoid candy that is hard, sour, or sticky. The sticky ones can remain on your teeth which can cause quicker tooth decay. The sour candies can lead to a breakdown in tooth enamel which ultimately protects teeth from decay. Since the harder candies take a while to finish eating, that’s an extended time on your gums and teeth, which can be an issue as well, especially if the sugar is never quite cleaned out properly.

8. Don’t Allow It To Become A Habit

The once-a-year candy day is not the worst thing. Aside from enjoying sweet treats during other holiday times, eating a bit of extra candy on Halloween is not the worst that could happen. The trick is to avoid an everyday need for candy and treats. Children’s teeth are vulnerable to long-term tooth decay if not looked after. Studies have shown that a one-day candy binge is not the issue, but rather it becomes a daily habit of needing something sweet.

9. See Your Boynton Beach Dentist For Regular Checkups

Your dental hygienist and dental group need to become an annual to 6-monthly visit for the whole family. Prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to maintaining excellent and pristine smiles, we know it’s not worth the delay. Seeing a dentist and hygienist regularly will help you spot any issues before they happen, provide dental confidence, and keep your mouth as clean as possible throughout the year. When it comes to the holiday season, the last thing you need is to be stressed about your pearly whites!

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