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What Is The Difference Between A Dentist And An Endodontist?

Did you know that good dental health can affect your well-being? Helping you keep your teeth and mouth in a clean and healthy condition is a dentist’s main priority. An endodontist is more of a specialist in diagnosing tooth pain, conducting root canal treatment and other intra-tooth procedures.

Both areas of expertise are necessary and committed to a positive dental experience, especially at Erik’s Dental Group. Our team of experts values your dental hygiene, positive dental experience, and overall well-being. Read more of the differences between a dentist and an endodontist below.

What Does An Endodontist Do?

An endodontist will treat the inside of teeth, also known as “tooth pulp.” Inside each tooth is a mix of tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings. For issues that come in the form of inflammation, injury, or infection, your dentist would refer you to this kind of specialist. At Erik’s Dental Group, we have an Endodontist on our team who makes your dental journey as smooth as possible.

Your dentist may recommend you see an endodontist for several reasons, including:

  • Bacterial infection: Infections can go beyond the external when it comes to teeth. Believe it or not, there’s a world of tissues and blood vessels inside your teeth. If there’s inflammation or infection inside there, you will be referred to an endodontist.
  • Tooth trauma or injuries: Sometimes tooth trauma or injuries require a more specialized and in-depth approach before real healing can take place.
  • Pain and discomfort: Pain is sometimes a little deeper than the surface. If a dentist is not able to locate the root of it, an endodontist will be able to find it and provide treatment.
  • Sensitivity to warm or cold: This is related to the nerves within teeth. Since an endodontist specializes in the tooth pulp, they can resolve this.
  • Fractured or broken teeth: Much like tooth trauma, fractured or broken teeth require specialized treatment.

Specialists With Advanced Education

Endodontists specialize in dental pain management as well as other more in-depth dental treatments. They have at least two to three years of extra education after becoming a qualified dentist. Since they are specialized, their services are a little more specific and less broad. Where a dentist would do possibly 2 root canal treatments in a week, an endodontist would do 25 of them. They also don’t take on fillings or dental hygiene procedures as a dentist or a hygienist would. They are skilled in their specialist treatments in dental care and can diagnose pain.

Endodontists Use New Technologies For Treatment

Since the treatments you’ll receive from an endodontist are more specific and could often be more painful, they have access to equipment that makes dental procedures much more comfortable. With small plastic sheets able to isolate the problem area, the rest of your mouth will be safe during treatments.

Endodontists also use digital radiographs and 3D visuals which allows them to take more detailed images of your teeth. Endodontists use cutting-edge technology to get the job done successfully and thoroughly.

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