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5 Reasons To Visit The Dentist As Soon As You Can

When it comes to your oral health, finding dental issues early on makes them easier to treat. At Eriks Dental Group, Dr. Ty Eriks, DMD, recommends biannual teeth cleanings and annual dental exams to patients of all ages throughout Boynton Beach. If you’re wondering what reasons warrant a trip to the dentist immediately, continue reading this informative blog.

5 Reasons to Visit a Dentist Immediately

Some of the most common reasons to visit your general dentist include:

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain that doesn’t go away in a few days and worsens with hot or cold or when you’re chewing or biting warrants a trip to our dentist at Eriks Dental Group. This pain oftentimes is the result of a dying tooth root that can be resolved with root canal therapy. Tooth decay when left untreated for a long time can also lead to an infection that can get into your blood and cause serious health implications. Don’t ever delay getting dental treatment.

Swollen or Bleeding Gums

When your gums are puffy or bleeding when you brush, this is a common sign of gum disease. The sooner that your periodontal disease is diagnosed and treated, the sooner you can stop the damage you’re doing to your oral health. The early stages can be reversed, which makes visiting our Boynton Beach dentist quickly after noticing any changes important.

Jaw Pain

This jaw pain is typically caused by malocclusion when the teeth don’t correctly close together. This can lead to increased pressure on the jaw and the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). A popping or clicking noise, earache, pain in the cheek, frequent headaches, neck aches, and lockjaw are all signs you should visit your general dentist for TMJ pain treatment.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can be a symptom of many medical issues or a side effect of a medication. Unfortunately, dry mouth can lead to tooth decay. Saliva helps prevent decay as it neutralizes acids, which helps to wash away food particles in the mouth.

Mouth Sores

Anything unusual in your mouth should be examined by your dentist immediately. While sometimes caused by oral fungal infection, sometimes it can be oral cancer. Mouth cancer generally starts as a white or red spot or sore inside the mouth. Hard spots, shifting teeth, lumps, bleeding sores, or discoloration all can signal oral cancer too. An annual dental exam helps detect these changes quickly, so they can be treated quickly to prevent a more serious illness.

Why Are Dental Exams Important?

As mentioned before, these preventative visits help us to detect oral health and dental problems quickly. Treating gum disease early prevents tartar and plaque buildup from seriously damaging your teeth and gums. When detected early, oral cancer is very treatable. Lastly, addressing minor oral health issues early allows you to keep your teeth intact as much as possible. For instance, if you have tooth decay, you can treat it with a dental filling before it takes over the entire tooth needing a dental crown.

Best of all, during this annual visit, you can learn effective oral hygiene techniques that keep your teeth looking and feeling their best. Teeth cleanings also effectively remove any plaque, tartar, or leftover food particles from the teeth and in between the gums.

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Never wait to schedule dental visits with Dr. Eriks at Eriks Dental Group. The sooner you are treated, the better you will feel. For those with a history of oral health problems, we may recommend more frequent dental exams. While skipping a dental appointment may not seem important, oral health problems including gum disease can develop and progress quickly. To schedule a dental exam with a Boynton Beach dentist, call 561-733-4004 today.