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fixed implant dentures

Removeable vs Fixed Implant Denture Options

There is nothing worse than not being comfortable and confident with your teeth. Ideally, you never want to be held back in giving your best smile possible! If you are missing a tooth, or multiple, or simply want to replace unhealthy teeth, removable or fixed implant dentures are the best solution for you.

It can be a big step, so naturally, you are going to want to understand the different types of implant dentures and which procedure is best for you.

What is an implant denture?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth and root fixture that is set into your mouth during a dental surgical procedure. The initial stage is to place the root, which is embedded into the jaw. Over time, the root and bone mass in the jaw fuse together forming a permanent hold. An artificial crown is then attached to the root as either a removable or fixed implant denture.

Removable Implant Dentures:

Removable implants, or snap-on dentures, are similar to traditional non-implant dentures. Non-implant dentures make use of suction or strong adhesives to keep artificial crowns in place and must be removed regularly to clean. Removable implants function in a similar way. The difference is that artificial crowns attach to implants in a more comfortable and secure position. Teeth can then be ‘snapped’ on and off the implants for cleaning.

Removable implants are usually favored by patients who don’t have the bone mass to support fixed implants or individuals who are used to removable dentures and the cleaning process associated with them.

Fixed Implant Dentures

· Background

Fixed Implant Dentures, as the name implies, are implants that do not need to be removed regularly. They are permanent fixtures and are the closest thing to having a natural set of teeth. So, taking care of them can seem normal, all you need to do is brush! This takes out the aspect of having to remove your artificial crowns every day and placing them in a solution.

In a way, this helps people forget that they even have dentures! This is bound to increase your confidence and make your smile feel like your own.

· The Process

So, what are you in for if you choose fixed implants? The process starts with the removal of existing teeth that need replacing. The implants are then placed in the gaps with temporary teeth attached to the implants.

The temporary teeth serve as placeholders while the implants heal and fuse to the bone mass. The healing generally takes a few months, after that your permanent teeth are put in place.

· The Downside

One drawback of the fixed implant dentures is that if your jaw does not have the required bone density to set the implants, the procedure cannot be completed. In this case, you would have to opt for removable dentures or an alternative procedure, such as the All-On-4 arch restoration.

So which is it? Fixed or Removable?

At this point, we have covered all the main talking points of removable and fixed denture implants. Removable implants are easy to clean and cheaper. But they are also quite similar to traditional dentures, so it’s not a huge difference for many patients looking to make a change.

Fixed implant dentures are more expensive and have a more complicated procedure to insert them. They also depend on the bone density of your jaw in order to be set correctly. However, they are like natural teeth and are great for restoring your confidence and smile.

In the end, the best way for you to decide what procedure is best for you is to seek help from the experts. Dr Ty Eriks, DMD, at Eriks Dental Group can point you in the right direction. To get in touch and schedule a consultation, call 561-733-4004 today.