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family dental care

Best Family Dental Care In Boynton Beach

There are many things to consider when looking for a family dentist. Oral health is important but feeling comfortable with your dentist is also important – especially for children who may have anxiety about getting their teeth checked for cavities.

The following suggestions are recommended when looking for family dental care.

Family Dental Care Checklist

Oral health experts recommend the following factors when choosing a dentist:


Ideally, your dental care will be covered by your insurance plan. If a particular office is out of your network, it could be a significantly expensive investment. This may be worth it if your family just loves the dental group, but families on a budget may not have the option. If you find an out-of-network dentist you love, ask if they offer a sliding payment scale.


Dentists in the United States must attend an accredited dental school, which requires a series of exams in order to pass. It’s also a good idea if they continue their education after graduation. After all, technology is constantly advancing, and new treatments are being developed all the time. A dentist should have their credentials on their website but look for the following details: the name of the school they attended, how long they have been in practice, and how they continue their education.

Diverse Staff

A busy family may not have the time to see more than one dental practice if their children have different needs. From regular cleanings to caring for younger children, you may want to find a dentist that offers a wide array of dental services and caters to diverse patients. Not all dentists see children and may refer you to a separate pediatric specialist. Even if a dentist does treat young kids, that doesn’t necessarily make their practice is kid friendly. How do they interact with children with dental phobias? Can they relate to young kids in an age-appropriate, compassionate way? You can find out this information by following the next suggestion…


Look at reviews for the dentist on websites like Yelp. While no practice is going to be perfect, it could be a red flag if most reviews are three stars or lower. But not all negative reviews are equal. Some people may be inclined to write a negative review due to something beyond the dentist’s control, like being unable to see a patient who arrives late to their appointment.

Go With Referrals

Sometimes a personal recommendation is the best endorsement. Ask other families in your community who they recommend for dental care. A dentist with a good track record is one thing, but knowing your friends trust their families there gives you peace of mind.

Technological Expertise

As technology advances, new dental treatment options are coming out all the time. When looking for a family dentist, you’ll want someone who incorporates all the latest procedures into their practice. From restorative care to cosmetic dentistry, and all the innovative ways that teeth can be made straight without traditional metal braces, dental care is constantly changing. Check the dentist’s website or call ahead to learn what new technological treatments they offer.

Family Dental Care In South Florida

Eriks Dental Group is proud to check all the necessary boxes when it comes to reputable family dental care. Patients of all ages love our practice. We love seeing our patients from the time their first teeth come in all the way through high school graduation. We offer a variety of dental services, from regular teeth cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and more. See why Eriks Dental Group is one of Boynton Beach’s most trusted names in dental care. Call today at 561-733-4004.