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How Do Dentures Work?

As our teeth wear down over time, they sometimes start to show signs of decay and breakage. When we lose many teeth, it’s a common event for them to be replaced with dentures. In this article, learn how they work.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth, either completely or partially. If you’re missing several teeth, your dentist might recommend partial dentures. If several teeth are lost, it may become difficult to eat certain foods because of the spaces between the remaining teeth. Dentures can be helpful for restoring functionality as well as appearance.

What Are Dentures Made From?

Dentures are made of long-lasting materials, including acrylic, nylon, resin, or porcelain. This material is strong and looks like real teeth, creating the appearance that there are no prosthetics in place. The metal in the dentures is often titanium, which is extremely durable and resistant to chipping.

How Are They Customized?

Dentures are customized for the wearer to fit perfectly. The dentist or dental prosthetics fits them to the person’s mouth. The dentist may also need to check for dental health and alignment before the custom fitting. If changes are needed, the dentist will make these adjustments during the fitting process.

What Is Their Functionality?

A wide range of movements is possible with dentures. These movements include clenching, chewing, talking, and smiling. The wearer can focus on this functionality. If a person loses several teeth, they can be a temporary option while other dental procedures are performed to replace lost teeth with dental implants.

Are Dentures Painful?

A person should not feel pain with the fitting process, but they might experience discomfort in the first few weeks after placement. This discomfort can occur while the gums and tissues are healing. If a person feels discomfort, he or she may need some time to adjust to the dentures.

Pain associated with wearing them goes away as your body adjusts to the dental prosthetics. It is also possible to improve comfort by cleaning and caring for your dentures properly. They need to be cleaned daily. Improper cleaning can damage them or cause harmful bacteria to grow in the mouth.

How Long Do They Last?

Although dentures are long-lasting, they can wear out over time. They typically last five to 10 years, though this period depends on several factors. A person’s diet will affect how quickly his or her teeth wear down. The type of food a person eats also plays a role in determining how long his or her dentures last.

How Do They Work?

Dentures are placed in the mouth and are held in place by suction. This helps to ensure that they stay firmly in place. In addition, dentures allow us to chew food more efficiently. Even small spaces between teeth when wearing dentures are filled because of how well they fit together with the gums and other teeth.

How Are Dentures Cared For?

Caring for your denture is a process that requires daily attention and some regular cleaning methods. Ensure they are cleaned thoroughly and stored in a clean, dry place. Inspect them each day before you wear them to ensure that they are in good condition and don’t have new signs of wear. If you notice signs of wear or if they become uncomfortable, make an appointment with your dentist for a consultation.

Dentures work to restore the function and appearance of the mouth. They are customized and placed by dental professionals. They have many benefits, including improved eating and speaking abilities. They can also improve a person’s hygiene and self-esteem by replacing missing teeth with dental prosthetics that resemble real teeth. If you have questions about dentures, please contact our dental office for more information about restoring your oral health.