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Oral Health Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time of giving, so this year why not give the gift of oral health? Giving oral care products is an easy way to ensure your friends and family members have healthy, happy smiles all winter long.

The team at Eriks Dental Group have put together seven great oral care gifts to get you started!

1. Waterpik® Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

This portable water flosser is the perfect gift for someone who travels often or wants to have oral care on-the-go. The cordless, rechargeable design makes it easy to use at home or while you’re out and about. This model also offers three pressure settings for gentle, medium, and deep cleaning power.

2. Oral-B® Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

Electric toothbrushes are a great oral health gift because they help your loved ones get their teeth cleaner than traditional bristles alone can do! With thousands of Amazon reviews praising its smart features like mobile app connectivity that helps track brushing progress in real time, this electric toothbrush will make oral care a breeze.

3. Colgate® 360° Optic White Toothbrush with SmartRing™ Technology

This rechargeable toothbrush is the perfect gift for someone who wants to brighten their smile without going overboard on whitening treatments or strips, which can sometimes cause damage in the long run. The Colgate Connected app allows you to track brushing habits and let you know when it’s time for a new brush head so they always have fresh oral health tools at home!

4. DrTung’s® Tongue Cleaner

Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene process that removes bacteria and debris from the tongue to help prevent bad breath. What makes DrTung’s Tongue Cleaner unique is the dual-edged design that gently scrapes your tongue and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. This oral care gift is perfect for someone who wants to get rid of bad breath without having to resort to harsh, chemical treatments.

5. Listerine® Pocketpaks™

These oral care mints are a great alternative to gum or breath strips if you’re looking for something less intense. Pocketpaks™ come in flavors like peppermint, wintergreen, and spearmint. They’re a great oral hygiene treat for your loved ones that help keep their breath smelling fresh all day long! They come in an easy-to-carry pouch and contain zero calories, so they can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day without worrying about dental damage. This oral health gift is perfect for the person that is on the go that still wants to ensure their oral health is in check.

6. Trident® Gum

Dentists have been recommending Trident® gum to their patients for years because it helps clean teeth, freshen breath, and stimulate saliva flow. This oral hygiene gift is perfect for someone who wants to improve oral health without having to resort to chemical treatments or strips.

If you’re looking for a last-minute oral care gift, a multipack of Trident gum is a perfect option. This oral health gum comes in 12 flavors like spearmint and wintergreen that help keep your breath smelling fresh throughout the day! They contain zero calories so they can be enjoyed anytime – guilt free!

7. Glide Oral-B® Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss

We are fans of oral hygiene products that offer multiple oral health benefits, and this pack of floss is no different. Each pack of Glide Oral-B® Pro-Health Deep Clean Floss comes with 40 meters of the Glide Pro-Health deep cleaning tape for strong cleaning action, which helps remove plaque from between teeth to improve oral health!

Looking to Offer A More Valuable Gift to Your Loved One this Holiday Season?

We hope this list of great holiday gift ideas has helped you find the perfect present for your loved ones. If you are looking to offer a more valuable gift to your loved one this holiday season, consider giving the gift of dental work at Eriks Dental Group!

With a dental plan from our team, we can help maintain and protect their teeth year round. To learn more about how we can offer them a valuable gift today, call us at 561-733-4004 or contact Eriks Dental Group online.