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How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re probably already thinking of all your favorite seasonal foods. As much as your taste buds appreciate lots of sugary sweets, at least one part of you will not: your teeth. Fortunately, if you follow some of these tips to care for your teeth, you can still enjoy the holidays without sacrificing dental hygiene.

Eat Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

It’s okay to indulge in “forbidden” foods every now and then. But make sure to keep up a balance: for every dessert or candy you eat, make sure you also have some fruits and veggies. This is one simple way to care for your teeth. Other healthy foods include whole grains and water, or other clear beverages that won’t stain your teeth.

Foods To Watch Out For

While a little indulgence is fine, be wary of hard, sticky, or gummy snacks: these can accidentally damage fillings, braces, or other devices. Consider opting for non-sticky or overly crunchy sweets instead, like pudding or eggnog.

Don’t Fall Behind on Your Oral Care Routine

Some occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, have us staying up later than usual. You may be tempted to immediately hit the hay once all the guests leave. However, it’s worth it to take the time to floss and brush before you get too tired — twice a day, if you can. It may be tedious after a long evening of celebrating and post-party clean-up, but your teeth and wallet will thank you.

Schedule A Post-Holiday Appointment

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and planning the year ahead. One thing that’s easy to miss is your next dentist appointment. For the times you may forget to brush and floss, having an appointment scheduled just after the holidays is an important part of maintaining dental hygiene. As you start to consider your resolutions for the new year, make keeping up with oral health one of them.

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration has lots of benefits, but did you know it’s also important for overall dental hygiene? Choosing water over sugary or alcoholic beverages helps maintain fresh breath, aids digestion, and helps clean away lingering bacteria from previous snacks and meals. Another perk is that it helps keep your skin looking fresh and free of blemishes.

If you’ve been good about keeping hydrated but want to indulge in something special, consider clear beverages, like champagne or sparkling cider, instead of darker liquids such as hot chocolate or red wine. These drinks can be tasty, but also leave stains on your teeth. No one wants that, especially if you splurged on teeth whitening as a holiday gift for yourself.

Never Use Your Teeth to Open Bottles or Gifts

If you don’t have any scissors or box-cutters handy when opening presents, you may think using your teeth will suffice. We highly advise against this, as well as using your teeth in lieu of bottle openers. Your teeth may be sharp enough to do these tasks, but doing it often enough can weaken the enamel, which can wear down the edges of your teeth. This can lead to breaking and cracking down the road, which may require cosmetic repair.

Do yourself and your teeth a favor, and keep handy tools for these purposes around instead.

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