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when to see a dentist about tooth sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity: When To See A Dentist

If you’ve been experiencing regular pain or discomfort in your teeth when eating or drinking, it could be due to a condition called dental sensitivity. Healthy teeth have a later of enamel that protects and prevents damage in your teeth, but sometimes that enamel can wear away, requiring treatment. The type of treatment you receive will depend on what is causing your tooth sensitivity. These are a few ways to determine the cause of your tooth discomfort, and how to solve it.

When Your Teeth Hurt Most

Common triggers for pain or sensitivity in the teeth are hot or cold food and drinks, cold air, sweets or highly acidic foods, and sugary beverages. Pay attention to when your tooth hurts most, which will help your dentist best determine the cause.

Common Causes of Dental Sensitivity

The foods and drinks you consume can be one cause of dental sensitivity, but the cause could also be something deeper. In some cases, it’s possible that the roots of the teeth are infected with gum disease, which can cause the connected tissues to start receding. This condition tends to happen in older adults, but it can happen to anyone if you don’t keep up with regular oral hygiene habits: mainly, brushing and flossing daily.

The enamel on your teeth can also wear down with time – especially if you have a highly acidic diet, which includes lots of soda and citrus. Other medical conditions such as acid reflux disease and bulimia can wear down tooth enamel – the effects of stomach acid coming into regular contact with teeth. Still other people may be experiencing tooth fractures, decay, or worn-down fillings. This may be likely if the location of the pain is in one specific part of your mouth. Your dentist will perform an exam to determine the exact cause and course of treatment.

Preventing and Treating Sensitive Teeth

Your best bet against tooth sensitivity, as well as other dental problems, is good oral hygiene. This includes regular brushing and flossing, at least twice a day. Your dentist can recommend the best type and brand of toothbrush, as well as demonstrate proper flossing techniques. These habits will protect both your teeth and gums from disease or decay. Another way to prevent tooth sensitivity is to change up your diet. Consider reducing or eliminating super sugary foods and drinks, as well as products with high acidity. There is also the option of desensitizing toothpastes or adding a fluoride treatment to your routine to help build up your teeth.

Be sure to tell your dentist in detail what problems you’re experiencing, and any patterns you notice with the pain (such as discomfort in one part of your mouth, or after eating or drinking certain things). If you’ve been having pain or discomfort for several days in a row, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. It’s always best to treat the issue sooner rather than later – especially if there’s more going on beneath the surface.

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