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What To Expect When You Make An Appointment With An Invisalign® Dentist

If you’re thinking it’s time, and you’d like to have straighter teeth, you may have considered scheduling an appointment with an Invisalign® dentist. By reading on, you will have a better idea of what to expect during this appointment and the Invisalign® process.

An Invisalign® dentist can supply patients with an array of teeth-straightening aligner trays. This is a good option for individuals who are seeking a discreet teeth-straightening alternative. Invisalign® dentists can supply patients with an expert, effective, and modifiable teeth straightening treatment.

Your First Consultation

During this visit, you will need to have an X-ray done on the alignment of your teeth. From this point, the dentist will discuss whether Invisalign® is be the right path, or if a more involved approach would be better.

If the dentist believes that Invisalign® would be an appropriate treatment for you, then he or she will disclose the specifics regarding the trays before you agree to committing to the Invisalign® procedure. The dentist will show you where more attention will be needed and discuss the price of the entire treatment.

Follow-Up Appointment To Start The Invisalign® Procedure

This second visit is the beginning of your procedure. An in-depth scan of your mouth will produce a 3D reading of its structure. By utilizing this type of scan, the Invisalign® dentist will then lay out a customizable treatment plan for you.

A complete plan can be constructed with the creation of virtual designs that serve as a framework for how your teeth should move with each tray. Your plan will be sent to Invisalign® labs where your trays will undergo the design process. During this process, any required attachments for your mouth will be placed.

In some instances, a tooth or two may be in need of a little extra help to turn or move. That tooth will receive what’s referred to as an attachment. An attachment is a small dot of dental binding matter planted on the tooth to supply an added pressure point for an exceptional fitting tray. These attachments are not completely invisible, but they are not overly apparent either.

Fitting Your Aligners

Once your trays are ready, you will be able to have your fitting done. The Invisalign® dentist will have you place and remove the first batch of trays to ensure your comfort during the process. You will be given specific instructions regarding a dental hygiene schedule, and how to maintain the cleanliness of your aligners.

Once you are certain that this is what you want, you are ready to go on your way and begin the teeth straightening process. It’s important that you stay committed to the process to receive the full benefit and best results.

Examination To Check If Your Teeth Are Straightening

It is important for patients to visit their dentist to make sure their teeth are shifting like they are supposed to. There’s no need to see the Invisalign® specialist as often as with traditional braces, but these checkups are to ensure that the teeth straightening process is working well.

Typically, this process takes about twelve months, but the timeframe is completely dependent on your unique situation. Only your Invisalign® dentist will be able to determine how long you will need to wear the aligners.

Invisalign® Dentists In Boynton Beach

Knowing what to expect at your appointment with a dentist specializing in Invisalign® can better prepare you for what’s to come and take away some of your lingering concerns. Do you have more questions related to an Invisalign® dentist? Check out our dental information blog, follow us on Facebook, or call Eriks Dental Group at (561) 733-4004.