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Cosmetic Dentistry: Do Veneers Fix Rotten Teeth?

Veneers can disguise a multitude of dental defects such as crooked or discolored teeth or cover up unsightly gaps and minor chips. However, veneers are not designed to be effective against bigger issues such as root canal infections, tooth decay or gum disease. Here we discuss the facet of cosmetic dentistry as it relates to decayed or ‘rotten’ teeth.

Good Dental Health

The only way to maintain good oral health is to have a regular routine of brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist or oral hygienist at least every six months. Regular rinsing with mouthwash can also help with keeping your mouth clean and germ-free.

Fluoride has had some bad press but it is an essential mineral for the development of strong teeth. Water that has been treated with reverse osmosis or distillation processes has had most of the naturally occurring fluoride removed. It is especially vital that children between 6 months and 16 years of age receive regular amounts of fluoride to ensure the proper development of their teeth. Fluoride is found in most toothpaste brands or can be taken as a supplement.

Does Diet Affect the Condition of Your Teeth?

Diet plays an integral part in dental health. Sugar is the prime cause of cavities as it interacts with the bacteria contained in the plaque film that coats the teeth. This creates an acid which can dissolve the enamel that teeth are made of, gradually creating cavities. This process, called demineralization, may cause a tooth to deteriorate to the point where it must be extracted.

Sugar is not only found in obvious sources such as sweets, fizzy drinks, cakes, and cookies, but also in fruit juices, bread and wherever the flavor of processed food needs to be enhanced or preserved. Natural sugar is found in the form of fructose in fruits and vegetables and lactose in dairy products. Doctors recommend a daily intake of sugar that comprises no more than 10% of your total calorie consumption.

To reduce the detrimental effects of sugar, drink plenty of water, especially after a meal. This rinses food residue from the mouth and helps prevent a build-up of sticky residue on the teeth and tongue. Also eat fresh solid foods such as whole fruits, which are not only nutritious but help maintain healthy teeth and gums. This is not to say that you shouldn’t indulge in any sweet snacks, but rather to limit your intake and be mindful of both your teeth and your overall health.

When Can You Have Veneers Fitted?

Cosmetic dentistry is popular to disguise relatively minor ailments such as a crooked or chipped tooth, or to hide a gap between teeth. Veneers can increase a person’s self-confidence if they feel that their teeth are unsightly, but many famous people including Madonna, Elijah Wood (of Lord of the Rings fame), Elton John, the late Robin Williams and singer/songwriter Seal amongst others have all been proud to showcase clefts in their front teeth.

If you have any underlying conditions, these must be treated before veneers are fitted. Unfortunately, it is possible for cavities or disease to occur after a veneer has been fitted. A veneer is a thin shell that is custom-made to fit over an individual’s tooth, comprising either porcelain or a resin composite. The latter are usually less expensive to make and fit, while porcelain veneers are more durable and less susceptible to chipping or breaking.

Veneers are not a solution for disguising rotten teeth, as they are laid over existing teeth. If those are in bad condition and must be removed, the veneer will have been a waste of time and money.

Consult With a Dentist

If you feel that you are a suitable candidate for having veneers fitted, make an appointment with your dentist for a consultation. A practitioner such as Dr. Ty Eriks of Eriks Dental Group will be happy to advise you and lead you through the process. Their

experience in cosmetic dentistry will set your mind at ease and you will finish the process proud to flash your bright new smile.