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picture perfect smile with cosmetic dentistry

Everything You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

When your smile isn’t all you want it to be because of small cosmetic issues, it can cause big blows to your self-esteem. Your smile is one of the first things people notice, and even minor imperfections can make you self-conscious.

You might have thought you were stuck with those gaps and discolorations, but Eriks Dental Group offers affordable cosmetic treatments that can help. Schedule an appointment today to see if any of these cosmetic services are right for you:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Straighter teeth, fixed damages, and revamped discolorations are all possible when you opt for dental work to improve your smile. While you’re getting cosmetic teeth fixes, you might even notice that your overall oral health improves, too. 

Crooked teeth can lead to problems brushing and flossing appropriately, causing dental hygiene issues. But a smile makeover can solve more than just appearance concerns!

Eriks Dental Group offers cosmetic procedures such as:

1) Cosmetic crowns

Crowns are cosmetic treatments that are often recommended for patients who have received trauma to their mouth, resulting in damaged teeth. They are also the solution to uneven or unsightly teeth that are causing you to be unhappy with your smile. 

Sometimes called “caps,” crowns are almost daily parts of a busy dental office’s practice. The treatment for a crown includes an appointment in which the dentist will evaluate your overall oral health, look at your x-rays, and if a crown is right for you, they will make a custom-made covering to match the rest of your teeth. 

Installation is a simple procedure in which the crown, made of tooth-colored porcelain or acrylic, is fused to a piece of metal. The metal is affixed to your mouth in a basic in-office, minorly invasive procedure. The metal and crown work together to cover your tooth and allow it to function like your natural teeth when you chew and bite.

The advantages of cosmetic crowns make them popular with dentists around the world. Crowns are the perfect way to fix damaged or broken teeth, strengthen teeth after root canals, and reduce damage from deep cavities or limit the spread of decay.

2) Veneers

Little annoyances in the look of your teeth, like chips or discolorations, can be fixed with the strategic placement of veneers. Also called “porcelain veneers” or “dental porcelain laminates,” veneers are popular cosmetic dental alternatives, too. 

These tiny, wafer-thin shells make huge differences in your smile. Veneers are used to correct the color, length, shape, and size of your teeth and can be custom-made to match the rest of your smile.

Made of porcelain or composite, this shell is bonded to your enamel. It corrects gaps between teeth, discolorations, crooked teeth, and chips. 

Because they are bonded with a cement-like material, they’re not for everyone. Your dentist will use x-rays and an evaluation to determine if your teeth are strong enough for the veneer process. They won’t damage your natural enamel as long as your targeted tooth is healthy.

3) Whitening treatments

One of the simplest and most in-demand cosmetic procedures is the whitening services offered. Over-the-counter products are everywhere, but professional whitening methods are safer and more effective. 

Our in-office treatment consists of a thorough examination and cleaning by your hygienist, then a session of before and after photos of your teeth as your progress is monitored. When it’s time for the treatment itself, the dentist will place a protective liquid on your gums to keep them safe from the whitening gel. Then, the bleaching gel is applied to the surface of your teeth. After an appropriate waiting period or the whitening light activator, the dentist may repeat the steps until your preferred shade of white is achieved.

This process is simple and you can go about your normal day, with the exception of sticking to the “white foods diet” recommended by the dentist.

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No matter how many imperfections you think you have in your smile, you don’t have to settle for being unhappy with them. Call Eriks Dental today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help you get your picture-perfect, Instagram-ready smile!