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How Often Should You Get A Dental Consultation?

Understanding how often to visit your dentist ensures that your oral health remains at its best. We recommend our patients visit us at least every six months. However, for some patients with periodontal disease or other dental issues, we may recommend scheduling dental consultations more often. Regular exams help to resolve issues early on and keep the teeth and gums clean. For children, it’s recommended to schedule a visit within six months of them getting their first tooth.

What To Expect At Your Dental Consultation

During a dental consultation, Dr. Ty. Eriks, DMD, will evaluate the current state of your teeth and gums. It’s okay if you haven’t visited a dentist for a while, as he is not judgmental and is committed to helping you restore your teeth to the best condition possible. After all, his goal is to help you improve your health and regain confidence with your smile again. He also can answer any questions you have about treatment, and how often you should schedule recurring visits.

Steps Of A Dental Consultation

There are many steps to a dental consultation, including:


Whenever you visit a new office, expect to fill out paperwork. We want to know basic personal information as well as your dental and medical history. Make sure you bring your insurance card with you if you intend to use your coverage. If you’re transferring from another dental office, ask them to send your records to us so we can best serve you.


Next, we will call you back to an exam room for a comprehensive exam with our dental hygienist who will make notes for Dr. Eriks to review. During this exam, your teeth, gums, jaw, and entire mouth is examined for erosion, tooth decay, gum recession, and even lesions or tumors. Our dentist will do a more thorough exam that allows him to create a custom treatment plan to resolve any oral health issues including gum disease, cavities, or an impacted wisdom tooth.


During your dental consultation and exam, x-rays will be taken to help us see what our own eyes can’t see. The health of your jaw is easily evaluated with these images too, which helps us make decisions about implant placement or perhaps TMJ treatment.

Talking With The Dentist

During your dental consultation, it’s important to be especially clear about your goals for dental treatment. Are you looking to improve your oral health? Do you want to improve how your smile looks with teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry treatment? Do you want to learn more about veneers or dental implants? 

All this information will help your dentist create a tailored treatment plan for you. Before you leave your consultation, we will schedule your next appointments for your treatment.

Schedule A Dental Consultation With A Boynton Beach Dentist

When you’re looking for a new dentist in the Boynton Beach area, Eriks Dental Group is the answer. From toddlers to the elderly, our office provides care for patients of all ages. Dr. Eriks has years of experience helping patients of all ages achieve better oral health.

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