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What Conditions Does A Skilled Periodontist Treat?

We all know what a dentist does, but we may be unfamiliar with the specialty fields of dentistry and the conditions they treat. One of these specialty dentists is called a periodontist. While the basic definition of a periodontist is a dentist who specializes in procedures involving gum disease, their scope is much broader. Here’s how to know when you may need the services of a skilled periodontist.

What Is A Periodontist?

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, “A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease…and in the placement of dental implants.” Due to their specialization, they must complete another three years of education after dental school. A periodontist will learn both surgical and non-surgical skills and techniques to treat their patients.

What Conditions Do Periodontists Treat?

Along with treating gum disease, periodontists also handle several challenging conditions that include:


While most of us have heard of gingivitis from our dentists or even toothpaste commercials, you may be unfamiliar with periodontitis. This is what happens when gingivitis goes untreated. One of the most common results of periodontitis is tooth loss. Some corrective procedures include:

  • Bone or Gum Grafting
  • Flap Surgery
  • LANAP Laser Surgery
  • Scaling and Root Planning

Gum Recession

Several factors may lead to gum recession, including age, disease, genetics, infection, misaligned teeth, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco use. As the gums recede, it can cause root exposure. It can also cause pockets between your teeth and gums where it is easy for bacteria to form. The most common result of gum recession is tooth loss. A skilled periodontist will assess the severity of your recession and discuss if you are a good component for gum graft surgery.

Loose Or Missing Teeth

Often, patients with severe periodontitis suffer from loose or missing teeth. Periodontists can use their skills to replace one or several teeth with dental implants. The tooth’s root will be replaced by an implant attached to the bone to stimulate bone growth. A crown is then placed on the implant to restore your healthy smile.

Bone Loss

Many patients who require dental implants also suffer from bone loss. A skilled periodontist can perform a bone graft procedure to encourage your cells to generate new bone. Two of the most common reasons for bone grafts are to strengthen the area around a tooth or to prepare the area for a dental implant. At Eriks Dental Group, Dr. Pike uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent further bone loss.

Skilled Periodontists In South Florida

Our skilled periodontist, Dr. Darren Pike, is one of the leading experts in his field. Dr. Pike graduated at the top of his class from Nova Southeastern University, where he earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. He continued there to earn his Periodontology specialization under some of the leading specialists in the nation. Dr. Pike’s continual research and massive list of achievements showcase his dedication to the field of periodontology.

Eriks Dental Group prides itself on having in-house dental specialists, so you no longer have to worry about finding different offices for different procedures. As the official sponsor of smiles in Boynton Beach and throughout South Florida, we provide individual care with clear expectations every step of the way.

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