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Invisalign Helps Build Confidence

Smiles are important. Did you know that a vast majority of Americans feel like they have to cover their mouth when they smile? There’s a serious confidence issue here— we need to be able to feel comfortable with ourselves, so we can present our best selves to others. That’s where Invisalign comes in. With Invisalign, you can bring the confidence back into your smile.

A lot of our confidence comes from how we see ourselves. If we love our smile, we’ll show it off. Studies show that changing just one part of our appearance can give us a confidence boost, and that our teeth are the second most important part of our appearance after our weight. Feel confident from day one with Invisalign, and get ready to love your smile again.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a discreet and unobtrusive way to straighten your teeth. At a certain point in high school, you’ll notice that a lot of kids get braces. Once all your adult teeth have come in, you can start looking at cosmetic dentistry to make your teeth straighter. However, you don’t see so many people with braces as adults. If you’re an adult, you might feel like the time for braces has passed.

Invisalign offers the benefits of braces without the metal bars and attachments, making them a go to for those wanting a less intrusive method to straighten their teeth. They’re easier to eat with and brush around compared to normal braces, too, making them that much less obstructive to your daily life. Especially in a professional capacity, you want to feel confident before your treatment is over, not just when you get braces taken off!

How Does Invisalign Work?

Wondering what to expect from Invisalign appointment? The clear trays are replaced every two weeks, meaning they’ll always fit correctly and remain discreet. With visible results and a more comfortable approach to braces, it’ll be easy to feel your smile and confidence brightening. You’ll be able to see the difference with each tray that gets replaced, showing you in real time how your teeth are straightening out.

Aligners stay in for 22 hours a day, and, provided you stick to the care regime, are usually in place for 12-14 months in total. Your dentist will go over the necessary care routine with you, which also helps to promote better oral hygiene in general.

Oral Hygiene and Confidence

How our teeth look is only one part about how we feel about our mouths, and we need to take a look at the whole picture. When we talk about confidence in your smile, we also consider things like breath scent and gum health. Where traditional braces can make it difficult to maintain proper brushing technique, Invisalign makes it easy to clean your teeth like normal.

By removing the tray when you brush and floss, you’re not missing any area at all. Traditional braces that are fixed onto the teeth and have a metal bar can make brushing and flossing hard. Better cleaning habits help make your breath fresh and keep it that way— bringing confidence back into your smile and laugh.

Invisalign In Boynton Beach

Do you think Invisalign aligners can help you? Schedule a check in with one of our dental experts at (561) 733-4004; we can speak with you about your options. Confidence isn’t just found in a smile, but it certainly goes a long way. Invisalign can help with major and minor fixes, all while offering you a discreet and unobtrusive treatment plan.