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Dental Cleaning

The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleaning

Good oral health depends on regular dental cleaning. We know that going to the dentist is no one’s favorite thing; however, regular checkups go a long way toward a healthy mouth. While your dentist does the heavy lifting by clearing away plaque and tartar, good oral health is also practiced at home by brushing and flossing regularly. Making these practices a part of your daily routine will make your dental cleanings less stressful.

Read on to learn why regular dental checkups are so important and what you can expect from them.

Why Are Regular Dental Cleanings So Important?

These checkups are arguably the most important thing you can do for your oral health. Reasons to get regular cleanings include the following:

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease, or gingivitis, is one of the most common oral health issues. It involves inflammation of the gums, which can cause them to bleed or even recede. Fortunately, it’s simple to treat when it’s treated. Regular brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent gingivitis.

Minimize Bad Breath

“Halitosis” is the fancy medical term for what most of us call “bad breath.” It may sound silly, but it’s actually a real problem that can’t be treated just by chewing peppermint gum. Regular dental cleanings address this issue head-on and keep your mouth smelling and tasting fresh.

Detect And Prevent Oral Cancers

Part of a normal checkup involves looking for signs of oral cancer. This is particularly important for patients who smoke or chew tobacco. Early detection is key to successful treatment, in addition to – you guessed it! – regular brushing and flossing at home.

Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Did you know that oral hygiene is directly linked to heart disease? This is because plaque that gets swallowed can eventually make its way to your heart, which can build up over time. Heart disease is also linked to diabetes, so regular dental cleanings are good for the whole body: not just your teeth and gums.

Find And Prevent Cavities

Many people can tell they have a cavity when they experience tooth pain. However, not all cavities are detected this way. An experienced dentist can detect even the smallest of cavities. Having leftover plaque and tartar removed that you may have missed with the toothbrush or floss reduces the chance of developing cavities in the future.

Address Other Dental Concerns

Your dental appointment is also an opportunity to ask questions you may have about your oral health. Is your jaw sore from clenching in your sleep or due to stress throughout the day? Your dentist can recommend a solution. Or perhaps you chipped a tooth: your dentist can address it before the tooth gets infected.

What To Expect From Your Dental Cleaning

A normal visit will follow a standard procedure. Your dental hygienist will take a look inside your mouth, removing any plaque and tartar along the way. The amount of time this takes depends on how well you brush and floss at home. Following the initial exam, your dentist will conduct a grittier cleaning with a special brush to thoroughly remove leftover tartar.

Next, your dentist will floss and have you rinse your mouth with either water or a special fluoride treatment. Sometimes, an appointment will involve taking x-rays of your teeth to get a more thorough look at your teeth.

Dental Cleanings In Boynton Beach

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