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hybrid prosthesis

What Is A Hybrid Prosthesis?

As people age, the teeth may develop cavities or infections or become chipped or broken. If enough of them are missing, this can cause difficulty with chewing or even speaking. While dentures are one treatment option, they can be challenging to maintain, a hybrid prosthesis may be a better choice.

What is a Hybrid Prosthesis?

An alternative to dentures is the hybrid prosthesis, which is a type of denture or prosthesis that is supported by dental implants. To create a hybrid prosthesis, your dentist will first place dental implants into the maxillary bones of the jaw. The prosthesis is then screwed onto the anchoring implants and will stay in place since it cannot be removed. It’s a great solution for those who have lost most of their teeth and have generalized bone loss in the jaw.

How Can a Hybrid Prosthesis Help?

If you currently have dentures that are uncomfortable or if you were considering dentures due to extensive tooth loss, but have inadequate bone tissue and mucosa, this type of prosthesis can help you in many ways, including:

  • Improve your ability to chew
  • Long-lasting with good maintenance
  • Comfortable and doesn’t irritate the mouth
  • Restores a smile
  • Helps with speech
  • Preserves the integrity of jaw bone tissue

Since you will need several implants to adequately support the hybrid prosthesis, several months are required to complete the entire process.

What Is A Hybrid Prosthesis Made Of?

It is generally constructed of a biocompatible metal like titanium or chrome/nickel and coated with acrylic. The acrylic coating supports the teeth of the prosthesis, which are made of resin or white porcelain. This metal framework is then screwed in place onto the implants that have been placed in the bone.

Computer software is used to precisely construct the metal framework so that it fits the teeth of the prosthesis perfectly. Once the hybrid prosthesis is in place, it should be maintained with a Waterpik or electronic dental irrigator to ensure that food particles and plaque are removed from below the prosthesis to prevent bacterial growth. A more thorough teeth cleaning should be done every six months at the dental office.

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