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5 Reasons To Have A Local Dentist

Everyone is so busy these days. Between work and home responsibilities, juggling after-school activities, and still managing to fit in the gym (because we all do that, right?), aspects of our healthcare can get swept under the rug.

Don’t make going to the dentist just another item on the to-do list or errand to run. You can find a local dentist in Boynton Beach! (Hint: it’s us and we promise we are fun!) Here are 5 reasons you should have a local dentist.

1. Convenience

What’s more convenient than the Chik-Fil-A drive-thru on the way home? Ok, maybe it’s not a dentist, but it’s close.

The ability to seek dental health care right here at home cuts down on drive time and time missed from work or school. The convenience of a local dentist in Boynton Beach can make going to the dentist feel like less of a chore.

Plus, it can improve your overall oral health, reducing the risk of potential health risks like cardiovascular disease or pneumonia.

2. Familiarity

We know coming to the dentist makes many uncomfortable and nervous. In fact, over 75% of adults experience dentist fear and anxiety when it comes to seeking dental care.

Familiarity with our office and our team where we strive to make you feel like family can help reduce anxiety and fear.

This is especially important for helping children be less afraid and ensure they are establishing good habits for proper dental care for life. A familiar environment offers us the ability to get to know your child’s unique needs and the fun ways you incorporate dental care at home. (Bring the silly song you sing while children are brushing their teeth, we love those! Don’t worry, we don’t judge any singing.)

3. Continuity

Did you know continuity of dental health care can improve the quality of care you receive? Continuity can increase familiarity and comfort too.

Choosing a local dentist for you and your family means we can establish care and get to know you. This way we don’t have to take repeat family histories at every visit. Plus, we’ll be more familiar with your unique needs, helping to provide personalized dental care.

4. Early Detection

Regular, convenient, continuous, and familiar dental care means that issues like gum disease can be detected and treated early.

This is an important reason for choosing a local dentist in Boynton Beach since gum disease can cause other health complications including stroke and heart disease. Cut down on these risks by making dental health care convenient, familiar, and continuous with regularly scheduled check-ups and cleanings.

5. Care Coordination

Dental care sometimes includes referring treatment to other specialties like an endodontist or periodontist. A local dentist that knows you and your family’s history will be able to recommend and coordinate with those specialists, ensuring you get the best care possible.

A bonus for choosing us as your local dentist in Boynton Beach is that we have specialty care in-house. No need to spark up the anxiety and fear of going to a different location.

A Local Dentist Benefits All

Just like a healthy tooth, building community starts at the roots. Make dental care as fun as possible by choosing a local dentist that provides comprehensive care to you, your family, and helps us build up the community we share together.

Here at Eriks Dental Group, we are committed to providing dental care to our local community and beyond. From checkups and teeth cleanings to x-rays and cosmetic dentistry, our compassionate team looks forward to serving you right here at home in our Boynton Beach dental office.

We are located at 3399 Woolbright Rd and open Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM and on Fridays from 8 AM to 12:30 PM. Schedule your visit today by visiting our website or calling to speak to one of our friendly staff members at (561) 733-4004.