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root canal

What Happens During A Root Canal Procedure?

Do you have a throbbing toothache that sometimes wakes you up at night? Are you avoiding anything too hot or cold because of the severe tooth pain that follows? You need to go for a dental check-up urgently. You may have an infected tooth that needs a root canal procedure.

It has been said that “he with information is king,” so If the words “root canal treatment” bring on a panic attack, it’s probably because you are misinformed about what this procedure entails. Let’s break the procedure down step by step and eliminate any fears that the words “root canal” conjure up.

Why Would A Dentist Recommend A Root Canal Procedure?

Dental issues can be resolved in many different ways, one being a root canal procedure.

Your dentist would recommend root canal treatment to:

  • Eliminate bacteria from an infected tooth and possibly prevent abscess formation.
  • To prevent the necessity of the infected tooth being extracted.
  • To prevent reinfection of the tooth.
  • To prevent potential infection and damage to the surrounding teeth, bones, and gums.

Your dentist will likely recommend a root canal procedure in the following situations:

  • You have a severe toothache when you bite, or chew and you are sometimes woken up at night by the pain.
  • The gums around the tooth are swollen and tender.
  • The gums are swollen or dark, show signs of deep decay, or have pimples on them.
  • You have a chipped or cracked tooth
  • You have a lingering toothache after eating or drinking something hot or cold.
  • Your tooth has a deep cavity or needs recurring fillings.

The 8 Steps Of Root Canal Treatment

Once the dentist/endodontist has confirmed that you need root canal treatment and answered any questions you may have, the procedure will be booked. The following steps will then occur:

1. The dentist will order an x-ray. The reason for this is two-fold:

  • To confirm the shape of the root canal
  • To ensure there is no underlying infection in the surrounding bone or tissue.

2. You will then be injected with a local anesthetic to numb the area.

3. Once numb, the dentist will place a dental dam to surround/isolate the affected tooth.

4. A small hole will be drilled in the tooth to access the root canal.

5. Using fine instruments, the pulp will be removed, and the root canal will be scrubbed clean using access files. It will then be rinsed with an antibacterial/antiseptic solution.

6. The dentist may decide to treat any infection with antibiotics for a week and continue with the procedure at a later date. To prevent further risk of infection, a temporary filling will be placed to seal the hole until the follow-up appointment.

7. At the next appointment, the root canal will be filled with a rubber compound sealer (gutta-percha). The access hole will then be filled with a permanent filling.

8. To strengthen or restore a damaged tooth, a crown and post may be fitted.

How To Care For The Tooth During And After A Root Canal Procedure

You should be able to resume normal activities, with some precautions, the day after root canal treatment, but it is recommended to:

  • Minimize chewing on that side of your mouth while you have the temporary filling.
  • Do not chew while your mouth is still numb.
  • The tooth may be sensitive for a few days, especially if it was infected before the procedure. Take painkillers as prescribed. Contact your dentist if the pain does not subside or starts getting worse.
  • Whenever possible, avoid very hard or chewy foods that could damage your teeth.
  • Good dental hygiene is essential. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Use an antiseptic mouthwash whenever possible.
  • Schedule annual dental checkups, and more often if necessary.

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